Gas Price Rise

The state average was $3.18 per gallon on July 4 and it was the first time prices had dipped below $3.20 per gallon since February of 2011. As of Aug. 9, the North Carolina average is $3.59 per gallon according to AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report. This increase, though unwelcomed, should not come as a surprise. Though not nearly as dramatic, the exact same thing happened last year. Prices dropped off in July 2011 to slightly below $3.50 per gallon, spiked heading into autumn to near $3.70 per gallon, then continued to dip until the first of the year. Motorists can only hope that is the case again, and that this rise is temporary. The low here in Ashe County was $3.00 on July 4th at the Hess gas station near Ashe County Ford. Now you are looking at .50 to .60 cents higher depending on what gas station you go to. Also Crude oil prices a barrel is rising which typically if oil prices rise you can expect the gas prices to increase also.

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