Highland Games Grandfather Mountain NC

Starting July 12-15 2012 Grandfather Mountain will be premiering the Scottish Highland games, located near Blowing Rock and Boone NC. It is the 57th annual highland games held at MacRae Meadows on Grandfather Mountain. People from all over the world come to the beautiful western NC Mountains to participate and take on the festivities and events. Here are some of the activities that you do not want to miss.

On the first day there will be the bear run which is a 5 mile run. But it is not your typical 5 mile run; it’s a hard earned run. You start at an elevation of around 3712 feet and run to the summit of Grandfather Mountain, which is a total of about 1568 feet of elevation.

The music at the highland games is a not the typical North American music that you are used to. The Celtic music jam always gets a big crowd playing folk musical traditions of Western Europe. The Jam will include traditional style to more of contemporary style of music.

The Athletic events and music competitions are very popular to watch. There are Piping, drumming, fiddling and harp competitions. Also there is track and field events held at the oval track. Some of those events include 60 yard and 100 yard dashes, a 2m mile cross country race, high jump, pole vault, running broad jump, highland wrestling and tug of war.

There are many more events and activities that were left out, but you need to come yourself to see the beautiful High Country of NC and enjoy this wonderful event.

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