Alleghany County in North Carolina is a splendid outdoor paradise filled with tons of great protected areas where you can enjoy your favorite activities. It has the distinction of being the location where construction first began on the monumental scenic byway, the Blue Ridge Parkway. In 1935, President Roosevelt authorized numerous programs and Congress passed federal work programs aimed to jumpstart the economy and put men back to work.

The Blue Ridge Parkway, originally called the “Appalachian Scenic Highway,” was one such project and work began at Cumberland Knob just near the Virginia line in Alleghany County. Cumberland Knob, at Milepost 217.5, on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Alleghany is the northernmost visitor center in the state.

Visitors to the Blue Ridge Parkway within Alleghany County can enjoy its many trails and outdoor amenities such as plenty of paved roads for cycling, miles and miles of fishing streams, and numerous pull-offs for picture taking and awe-inspiring moments spent looking out at the horizon.

The Blue Ridge Parkway and other attractions within the county make it a popular location for second home ownership and for those looking for a great vacation getaway in the mountains of North Carolina.

Alleghany County in NC is home to lands in two state parks, Stone Mountain State Park NC which is located near Roaring Gap, and New River State Park which is only accessible by canoe. There are primitive campsites located along the New River in Alleghany County. Many put it at the Wagoner Road access outside of the county and drift, fish, and swim to the New River State Park Alleghany Access area where camping and toilets are available. Named by early cartographer Edward Bland, who on a trip from England noticed the river and noted that it had not been placed on previous maps of the area, the New River’s name might give one the impression that it is young, or even man-made. Actually the New River, which flows through portions of Alleghany County, is believed to be one of the oldest rivers in the world. It has an unusual flow and is the only river in the eastern United States that flows northward to the mid-west instead of towards the Atlantic Ocean as the others do. In 1998 President Clinton and Vice-President Al Gore visited here and named the river an American Heritage River. It is a very popular fishing stream for trout and bass fishermen.

Alleghany County Heritage

Celebrate all of the wonderful things about Alleghany County and its fantastic heritage and check out the Mountain Heritage Festival in Sparta, which takes place in September. The Mountain Heritage Festival celebrates Alleghany County, it’s outdoor recreation and unique, mountain way of life. Every year locals and part time residents gather to enjoy great mountain music, crafts and delicious foods. Alleghany County has a close knit community of residents that welcome visitors and foster a love for nature and neighbors.

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