Walls with a Story in West Jefferson

In the Historic town of West Jefferson NC there are 14 painted murals on the different buildings throughout West Jefferson. Each mural has a special meaning to it done by different artists, students and community volunteers. These murals give the town more excitement and more history. Check back for some pictures and History of the paintings.

The Mural located on the side of Regency Properties began in 1996 by an local artist named Jack Young. The mural is titled “History of Ashe Through the Ages”. The mural shows the county in different seasons.

Back when roads were hard to travel through the high country of NC, the trains and railroads were depended upon for supplies in Ashe County. In 2001 Stephan Shoemaker painted a mural on the Dollar tire building, with the title of “Cut at Devil Stairs”.

As there are many more murals to see and to talk about, you just have to come see them in person, to experience these beautiful buildings that brighten the town.

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