A stroll through downtown Blowing Rock will take you back to a place and time when life moved at a slower pace and the historic streets of downtown regions were filled with gourmet restaurants, retailers, boutiques, and toy stores of all types. Visitors often remark at how perfect everything looks and locals take pride in the well manicured streets of the town. Many of the buildings and storefronts that dot the region found in owntown Blowing Rock are older, perfectly restored homes, and buildings that were among the first structures to be built during the period when the mountains of Blowing Rock were first being used and discovered as a resort land. The Martin House is one such example.

Today, many of the best antique and specialty stores as well as the town’s high end boutiques are located on the streets of downtown Blowing Rock. After you shop for awhile, you can stop in one of the numerous award winning, and well noted eateries found in Blowing Rock and enjoy a fantastic dining experience. Also, some of the best B&B’s and inns in town are located right smack in the heart of downtown.

Most of the town’s best loved events take place right in the area found in downtown. For example, Winterfest, Art in the Park, the Fourth of July Parade and the Christmas Parade all take place on the streets of downtown Blowing Rock. A community meeting ground, the downtown area is a wonderful asset to the village.

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