p-010There are several distinct sections of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina. Because the mountains stretch across much of the northern portion of the state, there are several regions. One of the most beautiful and most preserved areas is the region that spans from the North Carolina-Virginia border all the way to the Linn Cove Viaduct area near Linville and Grandfather Mountain. This part of the Blue Ridge Mountains is known as the North Carolina High Country region, and it has some of the best recreational amenities and breathtaking views in all of the mountain range. To help you better understand the areas of the Blue Ridge Mountains in NC in which I list and sell real estate, I have broken down the areas into their respective counties. To find gorgeous properties and land for sale surrounded by these majestic peaks and valleys, then browse my listings.

Alleghany County

Alleghany County is the fifth smallest county in North Carolina when classified by land size and the sixth smallest when classified by population. Alleghany County encompasses 233 square miles and had a population of fewer than 10,000 residents just a few short years ago. This has led to many recognizing that the property for sale here might be some of the rare lands that remain as they were hundreds of years ago, spectacularly preserved. It is called the “Crest of the Blue Ridge” as the Eastern Continental Divide passes through the eastern and southern sections of the county. Much of the Blue Ridge Mountain Real Estate found in the Alleghany County areas like Sparta and Roaring Gap have elevations between 2,500 and 3,000 feet above sea level. Some areas in the county, near the Peach Bottom Mountains, which are found in the middle section of the county and are bordered by the Little River, which feeds the New River, have elevations upwards of 4,000 feet above sea level.

Ashe County

Ashe County is a northwestern county in North Carolina and is one of the northernmost regions in which I list and sell real estate. Ashe County is bordered by two states, Virginia to the north and Tennessee to the west. Special features like the New River and Mount Jefferson make Ashe County a unique and wonderful place. Christmas tree farms dot this charming mountain valley region, and tall mountain peaks overlook the lush, fertile riverfront lands that make exceptional homesites for a New River Retreat. When you buy mountain property in the neighborhoods and communities of Ashe County you will be getting away from the lights of metropolitan cities and suburban areas and escaping to a land of cascading waterfalls and rich, abundant wildlife. Find your dream mountain getaway in my listings of North Carolina Mountain Property.

Watauga County

Watauga County is known as the “Heart of the High Country” by most locals and tourists that visit during the height of the seasons, and it is the home of the town of the Boone and Appalachian State University. Some of the state’s best ski resorts and areas are found just a short distance from here, making Boone one of the top ski areas in the Southeast.

With excellent schools, hospitals, and entertainment, Boone is the commercial and economic hub of this region of the Blue Ridge Mountains and a popular place to buy real estate of all types. If you are looking for Appalachian Real Estate in Boone then check out my listings of in areas like Valle Crucis, Sugar Grove, Deep Gap, Mabel and near campus right in the heart of town.

The Blue Ridge is a distinct region in the Appalachian Mountain Range. Covering numerous counties in North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia, the Blue Ridge Mountains cover a wide land area. Perhaps one of the most majestic areas of the Blue Ridge Mountains is located right off the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC in the areas of Alleghany County, Ashe County and Watauga County. You can find tons of great North Carolina Mountain Property and Blue Ridge Mountain Real Estate for sale here that is convenient to some of the best ski areas in the state, long range hiking trails like the Appalachian Trail, and ancient waters that flow from rivers like the New River and the Watauga River. Escape to the lands that Daniel Boone once had the pleasure of exploring and buy real estate in one of the most desired regions of the Blue Ridge Mountains.