The New River is part of the Ohio River watershed, a very important water source that feeds the mighty Mississippi River, and forms in the Piedmont region of the Tarheel State just near the Tennessee state line. It flows northwestward into the Blue Ridge Mountains and creates some of the most scenic spots in our corner of North Carolina. There is an abundance of real estate for sale here in my listings of Ashe and Alleghany Counties. If you are looking for picturesque river scenes and quiet mountain streams with low lying valleys, the land that surrounds the New River is the place to begin looking. What’s fantastic is that real estate prices are at their lowest right now, so you can get amazing riverfront property at amazing bottom dollar prices!

Named as one of the American Heritage Rivers, the New River is strictly protected by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Only 14 rivers nationwide have received this distinction, so the New River is quite special. Search for Sparta NC Real Estate that is all along the New River in North Carolina. You can find adorable cabins located right on the water, perfect for families that like to gather together and enjoy activities such as canoeing, tubing, fishing, and biking. A portion of the riverfront real estate follows along a major, nationally known biking route called Railroad Grade Road.

There are numerous parks and recreation areas all along the New River in our area. The Pisgah National Forest straddles the South Fork of the New River and the New River State Park is located in Ashe County. A variety of species call the New River home and on any given day you might see fish like smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, brown trout and bluegill, along with birds such as wild turkey, osprey, and red tailed hawks. The woodland environment found along the river’s banks created the perfect habitats for animals such as white tailed deer, black bear, mink, river otters, beavers, muskrats and raccoons. Find listings of real estate along the New River in my home listings and mountain land listings.

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