Even though West Jefferson is a town tucked far away from the usual hustle and bustle that comes with being in a highly commercialized area, it is not without its very own attractions. The neat attractions that are located within and around the town’s limits provide endless fun and educational opportunities for kids and students in the area, and they are great revenue boosting resources for the city. Vacationers will continue to visit West Jefferson and the surrounding areas of Ashe County for years to come in order to enjoy the attractions here. Learn more about these unique mountain attractions below.

Ashe County Cheese Factory

The Ashe County Cheese Company is one of the oldest businesses in the county and one of the infamous stops in Ashe County. Our region is known for its fabulous cheese and the Ashe County Cheese Company is the main reason why! Since its small beginnings in 1930, the Ashe County Cheese Company has risen to regional fame and continues to provide massive quantities of gourmet varieties. A visit to the Ashe County Cheese Factory will give you a new understanding and respect for cheese making and you will get to sample a few kinds as well!

Churches of the Fresco

The Churches of the Frescoes are a renowned West Jefferson Attraction and a place that many visitors to the Blue Ridge Parkway like to take a moment to stop. Famed mural artist Ben Long painted enormous fresco paintings in two local areas, historic Episcopal churches and visitors can tour each and see the fabulous result of his long, hard work. Fresco painting is a distinct type of painting that takes long hours and many layers. Long used the inside walls of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in West Jefferson and the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Glendale Springs to paint several scenes from the Bible.

New River Zoo

The New River Zoo is not exactly located in the town limits of West Jefferson, but it is still considered a popular destination for the area. The zoo is located in between Fleetwood and Todd . It is a great spot to take the kids for the day and adults that love animals are also happy exploring here. You can see and visit with animals such as lemurs, monkeys, parrots, a Siberian lynx, Fennec foxes, a spotted leopard, and several varieties of deer and water buffalo. Owner and animal enthusiast Keith Stroud maintains a safe, clean environment for enjoying the animals.

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