Here you can search through Alleghany County North Carolina real estate listings and find great properties at great prices. If you’re set on this location, Ashe Mountain Properties can work with you within those guidelines. If you’re not yet sure though and are open to suggestions, Josh Johnson will show you Sparta North Carolina, Grayson County Virginia, and other Western NC real estate listings that still fall into your scope. Submit an online contact form or call today to discuss the details of what you’re looking for in an Alleghany County real estate listing.

House Hunting made Easy

From under $100,000 to $900,000+, there are listings in every price range when you search the High Country MLS for Alleghany. If you expand your search parameters, you’ll find even more of a selection. Don’t feel like you need to spend hours going through all listings before contacting Josh. He can help you at any point in your search. He may even offer information that you hadn’t considered before that will speed up your investigation. Before you know it, you’ll have your real estate exploration narrowed down to two properties.

Sparta North Carolina is a charming location to settle down. Several properties would serve well as either a full time family home or even a vacation retreat. How you define it is up to you. Josh simply aids in giving you the option to mold its purpose- here’s a home, how do you see it fitting into your future? If there is a place and purpose, Josh will be the one you can depend on to make that happen. If Alleghany NC real estate holds a piece of your puzzle, connect with Josh today.