Are you looking for large tracts of Lots and Acreage, or perhaps specific types of land deals like 1000 Acres of Timberland for Sale? Ashe Mountain Properties has it all. Browse through the many Acreage Properties that are listed on this site and you will find ranches and large estates for sale, farm land for sale, and lots of other great kinds of specialized land listings. Timber Land for Sale is one of the categories that my users are looking for real estate wise and I invite you to browse and find Commercial Timber Land for Sale in NC and Virginia. Want to sell your Timberland property? List it here on this site, click to get instant access, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Contact me, Upload your Listings, and Sell your Properties.

Where can you find Timber Land for Sale in North Carolina? All across the Tar Heel state there is Timber Land for Sale in NC. You can check various listings of Acreage for Sale in Western North Carolina and you will find several properties that are perfect for logging and clearing. Western NC is not the only place in the state where logging and Timber Land for Sale is prevalent, you can check other areas near the eastern part of the state and you will find plenty of Land for Sale in North Carolina that can be considered timber land as well.

What kinds of lands are perfect for using as timberland? Land that has plenty of forested tree growth on it, mature pine lumber logs are the most profitable trees, so land with plenty of pine trees can be highly valuable as timber land. Depending on the current market price you can sell off the logs from your land and essentially make most of your investment money back on the property from one or two sales of the timber. Most investors that use land for timber investments and sales cut their trees and replant them after harvest. Typically, you can cut the timber on your land, if it has normal growth, every 12-15 years and get sizeable returns. Investing in Timber Land for Sale can be highly profitable if you buy land in the right market (which we are experiencing right now) and sell the timber during the right time in the timber market.