People of all walks of life are clamoring to get their hands on some of the highly sought after mountain property of Western North Carolina, but only a lucky few will be fortunate enough to scoop up this sought after real estate before it’s all gone. If you’re in the market for property here in the High Country, then contact me, Josh Johnson, today. My listings are full of mountain real estate that include tracts of land, homes, and log cabins. My site also contains a wealth of information on the communities in which I sell these properties.

People purchase mountain property here for a variety of reasons, but most are simply looking for a quieter way of life. The fact that these mountains provide some incredible views doesn’t hurt either, nor does the ideal climate that consists of four distinct seasons. Some people purchase homes or land here because they want to enjoy all of the outdoor activities that these mountains afford. Things like rock climbing, hiking, fishing, biking, kayaking, hunting, and skiing are all viable activities, and the climate is such that summers are never oppressively hot and winters usually provide just enough snow to make skiing possible at some of the great ski resorts that call the Blue Ridge Mountains home. Though many people invest in real estate in the High Country because of the quiet seclusion it offers, most people are pleased to realize that they can purchase the relaxing retreat they’ve always dreamed of while remaining near larger cities, like Boone, which boasts all of the features one would expect of a major city.

If you’ve been thinking about buying property in the mountain region of North Carolina, act fast—there’s no telling how long this precious property will be available. My listings are full of ideal real estate and I can help you find everything from log cabins to live in or use as a vacation home to smaller mountain homes that are ideal for retirees, young couples, or single people to the most lavish luxury log cabins you’ve even seen. Browse my site to learn more about Things to Do in the region, and so much more!