For many years the commerce and economy of the town of Boone NC was largely based on farming for the products that were easily grown in the mountains. During Boone’s period as a farming tow,n a highly successful sauerkraut plant operated and many of the area’s farmers grew cabbage to fill the orders for the canned condiment. Other crops that were grown here were tobacco, corn and of course, Christmas trees. When Appalachian State University began in 1899, no one foresaw all of the amazing changes that would come to the town of and the surrounding areas of Watauga County in years to come.

After the university was established the town began to grow exponentially with businesses starting in order to support the influx of outside students coming to the town to live while they got an education. Over time, many of the graduates of the school stayed around, thus further shaping the community into the diverse and special place that it is today. For many years, Boone enjoyed a prominent time period when students came to the town to live and provided jobs and a natural support to the economy of the area. During the 1970s, Boone began to grow as a mountain vacation land and, as such, much of the industry in the area began to revolve around vacationers, part time residents and their needs.

Today, Boone remains a growing college town that also enjoys a unique atmosphere as a place people across the Southeast like to visit for quick trips. A lot of the commerce in the town and the surrounding areas is supported by both the university crowds and the vacationers that flock to the area. Currently, Boone is having to make plans for further growth and set aside plans for water, roads and other necessities that everyone will need. With a healthy leadership and a sound planning commission, Boone will certainly rise to the challenge and meet all of those needs just as they have in the past.

Boone is known for being the central area in a region known as the High Country of North Carolina. It is by far the largest in land size and population and will continue to be a driving force in the economy of the entire region. Read on to find out more about Watauga County and to find out about the amazing Appalachian Real Estate opportunities in the High Country.