West Jefferson real estate is readily available to all of those who look forward to leaving the worries and stress of modern life behind and beginning anew in the “Lost Province.” Ashe County is full of perfect realty in the form of cabins, farms, land, and homes. There is plenty of real estate available, but how do you know that you’re really getting what you pay for when you purchase a home in Ashe County? The first step is to work with trusted realtors like myself. Secondly, you should seek out the services of experienced NC Real Estate and Homes Inspectors.

NC Real Estate Appraisers

The function of real estate appraisers is to determine whether or not a given home’s or property’s asking price is higher or lower than the actual value of the home or property. This benefits both the buyers and the sellers and also protects the bank from investing too much in a particular piece of property. Quality appraisers are both certified and have received their license from the state. Generally, appraisers take into account a variety of factors about the home or property in question. For instance, appraisers might consider how old a house is, it’s square footage, how much finished or unfinished space it contains, whether there have been any recent renovations, and whether it contains additional extras that make a house desirable. The appraiser will also take into account comparable homes that have recently sold in the neighborhood. After compiling this information, the appraiser will write up and report which will contain information regarding how he or she determined the worth of the property, the condition of the house including any major structural or cosmetic issues, information about the area in which the home is located, and a discussion of current market trends.

Home Inspectors NC

Not to be confused with appraisers, the main purpose of home inspectors is to identify and bring to light any serious issues associated with the construction of the home. Rather than taking into account outside factors like the home’s surroundings and comparable sales, home inspectors aim to zero in on issues within the home itself that may lead to headaches later on. They check for things like mildew and mold and structural issues, and make sure that the plumbing and electrical systems are in working order. They also inspect roofs and chimneys, heat and air conditioning, and appliances in order to determine whether or not these things are working properly.

Both real estate appraisers and home inspectors perform indispensable functions. As more and more people discover the wonders of life in Ashe County, home for sale here are becoming more and more popular. If your dream is to live in a community that boasts spectacular views, plenty of Things to Do, and modern amenities coupled with a quaint lifestyle, you’re in luck.    Ashe County is just such a place, and, as one of the most dependable realtors here, I can tell you all about life in the “Lost Province.” The Ashe County MLS is bursting with affordable real estate, many of which are undoubtedly ideal for you and your family. If you don’t have time to stop by my office, which is located near the West Jefferson Web Cam, browse my web site to learn more about this special area of the High Country.