Ashe County Real Estate is some of the most sought after property in the High Country. This charming county is situated deep within the Blue Ridge Mountains and offers both locals and visitors alike a truly unique escape. Formerly known as the “Lost Province” because the steep Blue Ridge Mountains made modern development nearly impossible, Ashe County has made some changes in recent years, but has managed to stay true to its rural heritage. Today, Ashe County Real Estate is located in the midst of not only some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable, but amid an array of fantastic things to do as well. People who are seeking a different way of life but would like to be close to necessary amenities like good schools, trustworthy hospitals, and a little modern entertainment are finding that Ashe County Real Estate is the perfect investment.

Up until a few decades ago, Ashe County was considered a land that time forgot and the county’s residents had managed to remain mostly self-sufficient for the 200 years since the community’s incorporation. However, new roads increased traffic into Ashe County and thousands of visitors fell in love with the peaceful area, leading to a boom in its Real Estate. With the influx of visitors came a rash of new development and today, Ashe County is a fantastic place to visit or live. Here, modern conveniences converge seamlessly with age-old traditions, resulting in a way of life that appeals to many. The lucky few who are able to purchase real estate here and make homes for themselves amid the lovely scenery and ideal climate have the privilege of being able to enjoy the quaint lifestyle and modern amenities like gourmet restaurants, unique shops, and community festivals.

When you purchase Ashe Real Estate, you’ll be just a short drive from some of the county’s best dining options. West Jefferson is home to a variety of restaurants, including cafés, sandwich shops, bars, and gourmet eateries. If you look hard enough, you can also find a variety of lesser known establishments. Though Ashe County’s array of restaurants offers something for everyone, the area is also close to major hubs throughout the High Country, like Boone North Carolina and Blowing Rock, both of which are well known for their delicious fare. If shopping is your pastime of choice, you’ll have lots of fun with the variety of galleries, shops, and boutiques that line the streets of towns here. And those who purchase Ashe County Real Estate often enjoy participating in the many local festivals. It’s a great way to learn more about the community’s interesting heritage and get to know new neighbors! Ashe County’s rural feel lends to its unique charm, but the real estate is near a number of more developed communities where you can find virtually anything you might need or want.

Curious about life in Ashe County? You’ve come to the right place. My site contains a wealth of information about this one-of-a-kind community as well as the many other charming communities that are scattered throughout the High Country. Crumpler, Todd, Valle Crucis, Glendale Springs, and Deep Gap are just a few of the charming places where you can purchase mountain property. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, you’ll definitely want to take the time to take a peek at our West Jefferson Web Cam, which is located on the side of our Real Estate Offices. Contact us today to find out how to make your dreams of owning Ashe County real estate a reality!