You can count on Ashe Mountain Properties to showcase  Timber Land for Sale; it is one of the main categories and focuses of the site. It does not matter if you are search for Commercial Timber Land for Sale, or Timber Land for Sale Lynchburg VA, or 1000 of Timberland for Sale, we have you covered. Search through all kinds of Acreage Properties and listings of Western North Carolina Mountain Acreage, Acreage for Sale in Eastern NC, Land in Central Virginia, and more, and you will find numerous great listings of Timberland for Sale. Timberland is a fantastic investment and the element of return that you will find and learn will leave you wanting to buy all the Timberland that you can get your hands on.

Buying Timberland Property has become a new way to invest money in land and get a quick return from the timber after the initial buy. Many have sold the timber off of their Timber Land after buying it and paid back most or a good bit of the principal loan this way. Timber clearing companies come in and will deforest the land and farm all of the timber off of it that can be used to sell, and usually, they sell the timber for you. After their cut of the money for clearing it and acting as the middle man you are usually left with a hefty sum of money that you can then do anything you’d like to with it, and if you were planning on clearing the land anyway, it is partially cleared minus the grading and usual roads that would have to be built. Logging roads tend to only be good for logging and maneuvering around the property before it has been established. Buying Timber Land for Sale or Commercial Timber Land for Sale and having it cleared and logged is sometimes a great way to get a large sum of money directly out of your investment in the land.

Check out the Timberland for Sale throughout Virginia and North Carolina and click to see some of the Acreage Properties that are perfect for the sale of timber. Those looking to Sell Timber Land should also contact us, we can list your Timber Property for Sale and feature it on the site to help you sell it faster and get more of a return on the land cost. Contact me today or get started listing your property by clicking to the Advertising information and set up an easy to use account.

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