An Ashe County property ranges from a 41 acre tract of rolling hills and pastures with great access and long range views to a riverfront modern ranch stone home built on one level, and everything in between. There’s something for everyone in Ashe County realty. Whether you’re looking for a second home to retreat to in the winter and summer months, a piece of land to develop, a new house for your family to call home, or something not yet determined, Ashe County real estate has the ticket. Now that you’re here, on the site that features the finest listings, the last thing left to do is to employ Josh Johnson as your agent. Contact him today to ask about his services.

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Josh knows Ashe County’s real estate market better than anyone. He knows the listings, he knows what the sellers want, what the buyers need, how to best marry the two, and how to carry out a successful transaction for his client. If this sounds like a skill set you can benefit from, call Josh today. He’s ready and willing to start working for you on the hunt for that home of your dreams. in Ashe County.