For anyone considering buying real estate in Ashe County NC, you’ve probably spent a good bit of time researching all about the area – its weather, taxes, attractions, and of course, properties. Hopefully, this last one is why you’re here on this site – to see more listings, log cabin homes for sale, and land for sale. This is the norm for potential home buyers. However, many fail to research one particular thing, and this one thing is pivotal in the entire process. That is the realtor. It’s not uncommon for homebuyers to simply go with the listing agent or whomever responds to their inquiry. They tend to just go with the first realtor who reaches out to them. To be honest, some may not even realize they have a choice; but the majority fail to recognize the importance of that choice. Have no worries: by landing on this site, you not only happened across a great resource to find properties, but also the site of the area’s best realtor, Josh Johnson.

Josh has experience on both sides, as a listing and selling agent. He takes on each role whole-heartedly. Whichever you need him to be, he’ll fulfill that position fervently. By all means, do your homework, compare and contrast, what have you. At least this way, you won’t have Josh as your agent solely by luck; it’ll be from making an educated decision. Purchasing your very own Ashe County property isn’t a process where you just go with the flow. Every detail is best thought-out, including selecting your buyer’s agent. Now, you can say you’ve done this and have carefully selected Josh Johnson to be your agent as you explore Ashe County NC real estate. Call and start your search today.