When people think of real estate in Watauga County, most think of log cabins and land near Appalachian State University. However, Watauga County is extremely mountainous as it includes 313 square miles of mountain terrain and there are many different little areas and villages within the county. As a local real estate agent, Josh lists and sells an abundance of real estate within Watauga County, and in areas that are within a 15 to 30-minute drive from Appalachian State University and Watauga County’s finest amenities and fun attractions.

If you are looking for real estate in Watauga County and affordable homes near Appalachian State University, check out the available properties in communities like Valle Crucis, Sugar Grove, Zionville, and Deep Gap. Each of these small, welcoming communities are fantastic places to own scenic vacation homes where generations of your family can come to get away. Also, these places in Watauga County are noted for their excellent schools, great hospitals and healthcare, and job opportunities, and therefore could be nice places to call your home. Click to see available home and homesites that are close to renowned wilderness spots and scenic driving roads like the secluded areas along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Because Watauga County is a small, almost circular county that was formed in 1849 by taking various boundaries in Ashe, Avery, Caldwell, and Wilkes, the area is diverse in its geography and the topography of the land ranges from lush valleys with crystal clear mountain streams to rocky, high elevation mountain peaks like an area on the back part of Beech Mountain. Click to see Watauga County Real Estate near places such as Seven Devils and Beech Mountain. Calloway Peak is the highest point in Watauga County and it is the highest peak of Grandfather Mountain and is a common hiking spot that both tourists and locals flock to in the spring, summer, and fall months. Grandfather Mountain is a tall mountain that towers above three counties and shares boundaries in nearby Avery and Caldwell Counties.

Boone is Watauga County’s largest city, the center for commerce for the High Country, and the county seat. It is well known for being the city with the highest elevation (3,333 feet to be exact) that has a population of over 10,000 in the Eastern U.S. That’s pretty impressive, and that’s also another reason why the surrounding region continues to thrive and grow.

Even if you have not ever really heard of Boone, you are probably familiar with Appalachian State University, Grandfather Mountain, or Tweetsie Railroad. All of these places are nearby, and App State is a major draw for the city, bringing students from across not only North Carolina but all 50 states and countries across the world. App State brings a unique diversity to Boone that cannot be duplicated in any other High Country community and that’s why homes and land in Boone are so sought after. Learn more about some of the wonderful Boone Attractions by clicking around my site. You can find it all here, and if you don’t find the answer to your questions, contact me at my office in Ashe County and I’d be glad to answer them. As a life long local of the area, I love Watauga County and all the opportunities here, so let me help you with all your real estate needs.