Right now is a fantastic time to invest and buy Timber Land for Sale and there’s nowhere else that you will find such an abundance of this real estate commodity than in the Commonwealth. Virginia is one of the most pristinely kept states, with acres and acres of hardwood, heavy growth forests that have not been logged for more than a century. This leaves the VA real estate market with all types of timber land including Timber Land for Sale Lynchburg VA, 100 Acres for Sale ]all across the state. Virginia is divided into five distinct geographical regions and while a great deal of the Commercial Timberland for Sale is located in the mountainous regions in southern Virginia and the Shenandoah Valley that runs along the West Virginia border, there is plenty of Land in Central Virginia in the eastern and northern parts of the state that could be classified and considered Virginia Timberland. Get started searching through the pages of Ashe Mountain Properties to find suitable Timber Land listings, you will find a great deal of Lots and Acreage that are enormous including Timberland for Sale 1000 Acres.

Most real estate and land buyers that are looking for Cheap Rural Acreage for Sale to invest in selling the timber on are looking for Large Tracts of Land that are heavily forested with the demand in timber: Pine Sawtimber, Pine Pulpwood, Hardwood Sawtimber, and Hardwood Pulpwood. Various sources, NC State’s Forestry extension is a great one, can provide you with annual average prices of each kind of timber and advise you on what kind of timber a potential property might have on it, a practice known as timber cruising. The United States Dept of Agriculture Forestry Service also has a wealth of resources for those that are interested in selling timber off of a Timber Land Property. Consulting with a professional forester that is experienced in helping clients sell the timber off of their land is essential and can make you hundreds of thousands more than going at it alone. Registered Foresters exist throughout the state of Virginia; contact one of the above outlets to find a directory.

Ashe Mountain Properties is the site to search for Cheap Large Acreages of Undeveloped Land to use and sell for timber. Click to browse the different categories of Rural Acreage in VA on the site by clicking to the listings of Acreage for Sale in Northern Virginia, Virginia Land in the mountains that runs along the NC border and Hunting Land. A lot of times, users will find suitable Timber Property in a variety of the other categories. Ashe Mountain Properties is where you will find everything from Small Acreage Farms in VA to huge, enormous 500+ Acres for Sale as well. It’s all here!

Looking to list your large piece of property? Feature and sell your timber land for sale on this site today; contact Josh Johnson to set up an easy to use account. You can begin uploading pictures and more details about your large tracts of timber land for sale immediately and you will always have access to change anything if you need to. I use it everyday on account of people who are searching for Virginia and North Carolina Acreage for sale, you do not want them to miss seeing your large acreage for sale.