As the West Jefferson Web Cam will show you, Ashe County is a charming community situated deep within the Blue Ridge Mountains in northwestern North Carolina. This quaint community attracts hundreds of people with its beautiful views, dynamic economy, and traditional way of life and Real Estate in Ashe County is quickly becoming a hot commodity. This laid back community can serve as a relaxing retreat, but there are also plenty of things to do throughout the area. Ashe County is full of unique shops and delicious restaurants, but it is also home to two spectacular wineries, the New River Winery and Thistle Meadow Winery.

The New River Winery

The New River Winery is located in Lansing NC and was founded in 2005. Near the celebrated New River, the winery is located in a natural setting that is home to an array of animals, including black bear, beaver, herons, grouse, and brook trout. Eastern swallowtails swoop through the air by day, and summer evenings are illuminated by fireflies. The mission of the New River Winery is to protect and preserve the qualities that make Ashe County special while creating delectable wines that reflect the character of this unique area. Flavors like Bohemia Red and Bohemia White, Back Porch Blueberry, Lansing School White, Big Laurel Blush, Hellbender Red, and Seyval are currently in high demand. These red, white, and fruit wines are available at Bohemia Gallery in West Jefferson.

Thistle Meadow Winery

Located in Laurel Springs, Thistle Meadow Winery has been pleasing the people of Ashe County for the better part of a decade. The wines produced by this family run business are only available in Ashe County.. You can stop by a few local restaurants or stores to sample these amazing concoctions, but the friendly folks at Thistle Meadow Winery sell most of their products at the winery itself so that visitors will stop by, get to know them, and experience the surroundings in which the wines are produced. Thistle Meadow Winery has been awarded a number of accolades during its relatively short lifetime, including being ranked third among North Carolina wineries by the South Eastern Winery Review. Plan a trip out to Laurel Springs and visit the winery and adjoining gift shop for some great wine, fun knick-knacks, and informative books.

There are so many things to to in Ashe County, but visiting one of Ashe County’s two spectacular wineries is definitely one of the best ways to spend a day. Searching for Jefferson or West Jefferson Homes in the vicinity of Ashe County’s charming wineries? I sell Ashe County Real Estate including homes near these wineries. Ashe real estate is my specialty, and as a lifelong resident of Ashe County, I have the inside scoop on all of the best real estate in the area. Browse the site for more information or stop by my offices in West Jefferson. I’d be happy to talk to you about your real estate plans.