The Blue Ridge Mountain region is part of a large section of the larger Appalachian Mountain Range that spans through states in the Eastern United States. Parts of the Appalachian Mountains extend from Georgia all the way into Pennsylvania. An extremely beautiful area of this mountain range is the lands found in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. Many people have bought real estate here for decades and established mountain homes as getaways in places like Blowing Rock, Boone, the beautiful lands near the ancient New River in Ashe County, and secluded properties in areas in Alleghany County. If you are interested in Blue Ridge homes, homesites, and other properties then browse my listings.

The Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina are noted for their bluish color and appearance when you look at them from a distance. Scientists have found that the trees in the Blue Ridge region release isoprene into the atmosphere and create the hazy appearance that gives the mountains their unique blue color. Noted for being one of the most awe-inspiring areas to live or own real estate, the lands in Watauga County, Ashe County, and Alleghany County near the Blue Ridge Parkway contain some of the best distinctive real estate characteristics that you will find in the entire mountain range. Browse my listings to find mountain properties here in the region.

The Perfect Place for a Home

Perfect for outdoor lovers, artists, retired singles, and couples and families looking for a vacation retreat location, the Blue Ridge Mountain area is a widely revered outdoor paradise. The Appalachian Trail is a long range hiking trail that follows through the Blue Ridge Mountains and is easily accessed from several areas that I sell real estate in. Check out my listings and you will find luxury log cabins as well as beautiful tracts of land for sale.

Most of the Blue Ridge Mountain Real Estate that I list and sell contains amazing views of nearby and long range vistas and valleys. In fact, the region contains the highest mountains in eastern North America with more than 120 peaks exceeding 5,000 feet in elevation! In fact, the highest peak in the Blue Ridge Mountain Chain (and in the Appalachian chain as a whole) is Mt. Mitchell which is located near Burnsville NC. It rests at 6,684 feet above sea level. Mt. Mitchell is just a short distance from numerous properties that I list and sell throughout Watauga County, Ashe County, and Alleghany County.