If you’re searching for mountain farm land in the North Carolina High Country, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to cabins and other homes, I sell farm land and can help you locate the perfect tract of land on which to plant your crops of choice. Whether you need ten acres or a larger piece of land, I can help you find the right piece of property with which to further your livelihood.

No Better Time

With today’s high demand for organic and locally grown foods, there’s no better time to invest in mountain farm land. Many people are giving up on highly processed foods in order to nourish their bodies with nature’s wholesome bounty, and many choose to buy only foods that come from their areas, so local farms are seeing a boost in sales. As this paradigm shift catches on, local farms will need to feed more and more people, so investing in farm land is a wise move. Plenty of crops thrive in the crisp air and fertile soil of these high altitudes, and the land here is perfect for growing things like Christmas trees and a number of valuable fruits and vegetables can be cultivated in this environment as well. If you’re looking for land on which to raise animals, you’ll find that horses, cows, goats, and a variety of other species will flourish in the ideal temperatures and pristine landscape that make the mountains so special to many.

You can also learn more about communities throughout the North Carolina mountain region, see where the best Blue Ridge Parkway access points are located, and familiarize yourself with the mysterious New River in North Carolina, which is thought to be one of the oldest rivers in the entire world. I invite you to browse the site and contact me with any questions you might have. I can fill you in on almost every imaginable aspect of our region’s real estate market, so give me a call or stop by my office in Ashe County today!