The history and culture of each mountain region in the NC High Country area is unique to the community. However, a common thread amidst all of these areas is the wonderful Appalachian way of life that flourished here and was fostered over the decades. Settlers that came to each of these mountain areas shared a common story; most were in search of new lands, a better way of life, and in some cases, to spread their religious beliefs and establish communities of like minded individuals. The first settlers to the communities in which I list and sell Appalachian Real Estate were brave people that sacrificed a great deal to live in what was then one of the most remote places in the country.

The settlers that came to the area for religious freedom built some of the most beautiful structures and buildings that remain standing today. All around the mountain counties in and around the High Country, you will find quaint little country churches that date back hundreds of years. One area in particular, Valle Crucis, has numerous old churches and religious buildings still standing; most of these are available for tours. The people that lived in these small communities were close to their neighbors and relied heavily on one another for survival through the extended cold winters that these mountains experience. Browse for Blue Ridge Mountain Real Estate near some of these historic areas.

When Appalachian Teachers School began, this brought significant commerce to the area near Boone. The school began as a state teachers’ training school and brought numerous students to the remote mountain town. Blowing Rock started to flourish as well during this time and enjoyed quite the heyday as a luxury resort town for the prominent businessmen and politicians who served in various fields in cities down the mountain. Some of the first country cottages and vacation estates that were established in Blowing Rock still remain and have been gloriously restored over the years.

The Culture Today

Today, much of the commerce in these areas relies heavily on tourism and vacationers and many of the residents of these mountain communities are part time and seasonal residents. What remains is the unique NC Mountain Culture that you will still find throughout these sleepy little mountain communities. Hobbies and activities such as quilting, clogging, fiddling and making homemade jellies and jams are favorite activities of the locals and those lucky enough to purchase real estate here take pride in knowing that the area in which they own mountain property in is still rich and alive with culture. People here take pride in their heritage and like to teach others about their unique way of life. Get back to your roots and learn about the fascinating people who lived in the Appalachian Mountains, escape to the Blue Ridge Mountains where life moves at a slower pace.

Are you interested in owning your very own mountain home just minutes away from the best locations in the High Country? I list and sell Appalachian Real Estate and all sorts of Blue Ridge Properties in and around the areas of West Jefferson, Todd, Boone, Blowing Rock, Valle Crucis and even areas in Alleghany County. As a native of the area, I can show you Appalachian Real Estate and affordable Land for Sale that has the distinct views and landscapes you are looking for.