Are you considering buying Real Estate in West Jefferson NC? Some buyers think that they can save money by not working with a buyers representative, or an agent at all. There are some buyers that will assume that a seller will lower their asking price if they do not work with an agent; thinking that the seller will be more apt to sell their West Jefferson property at a lower price if they are not having to pay an agent commission on the sale. This assumption is just wrong and it could cost you more in the long run.

What you probably do not realize is that when the seller of a specific property has agreed to sell their home with an agent, the homeowner also signed a Listing Agreement which is a legal agreement that contractually requires that the homeowner pay the agent a commission fee should the home sell. Your plan for saving money is definitely foiled there. Also, in the Listing Agreement, generally there is a statement about a buyer working with a buyers agent and it explains that the listing agent will share half of their commission with the buyers agent. The agreement details that the listing agent is not obligated to share their commission with anyone other than the buyers agent. It’s important to know these details before making your decisions on whether or not to use a buyers agent when looking for Real Estate in North Carolina.

A lot of times listing agents will tell you that they can provide you with a great deal, if you buy the West Jefferson listing they’ve listed without working with a buyers agent representing you. That’s only because they stand to double their money and get all of their commission instead of having to share it with a buyers agent as the listing agreement clearly lays out. It’s important to watch out because that good deal you will be getting is most likely going to be benefitting only the listing agent.