Believe it or not, when you decide to start shopping for a house, the first thing you should do is choose an agent. Many people in the market make the mistake of finding a home they’re interested in and then going with whatever realtor is associated with it, typically the seller’s realtor, whether they end up purchasing that house or a completely different one. Finding the right house is the end goal and ultimately the most important piece of the puzzle, but it doesn’t mean it’s the only thing to focus on. The right realtor is where all the potential lies. A competent realtor can be the difference of a few months and a few thousand dollars. When browsing the High Country real estate market and researching Blowing Rock realtors, consider my services.

I am a qualified, experienced, and passionate agent who’s committed to my profession on every level. I devote as much time as needed to my clients, staying in contact with them and keeping them up-to-date. I represent both buyers and sellers, and believe that’s my greatest gift – pairing the two parties together. I’m a native from this region, and know the area well, not only from personal experience but also extensive research. When I take on a client and the task of buying or selling a home, I put forth my best effort. You can rest easy knowing that I’m working for you, and no other Boone realtor can do it better.

You shouldn’t have a problem finding an agent in the area. The task at hand will be choosing one. When deciding between Blowing Rock realtors, be sure to go with the one who is educated, experienced, honest, and hard-working. Go with the one who’s going to make you feel comfortable and aware. Call me today – I would be happy to discuss working with you to determine if I’d be a good fit.